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Spiritual Development Classes

My experience and exploration of spiritual spirituality allow me to effectively convey even the most complex points to the learning audience so they can easily paint a picture that can benefit them in the short and long term. Whether it's numerology or the deep discussion of life, compassion, and wisdom, I can help you learn and manifest the concepts with ease. Of course, a spiritual learning process has its unique obstacles, but my guidance and commitment will always be at your disposal. So you're continually growing and stringing away from old, unproductive habits. And experiencing who you truly are as a soul 


Meditating on Bed

JUMPSTART Your Intuition and Mediumship (Level 1)

Saturday January 7, 2023 via Zoom
11:00am-8:00pm (eastern)*

Cost: $175

- Quiet your mental chatter and allow your soul to speak
- Hear your intuition more clearly
- Learn about your spirit guides and develop a relationship with them
- Develop a regular habit of meditation, focus, and quieting your mind
- Receive revolutionary techniques for receiving guidance on your own
- Gain the freedom you have always wanted, and step into who you are here to be. 

Image by William Farlow

IGNITE Your Intuition and Mediumship (Level 2)

Saturday January 28, 2023 via Zoom
11:00am-8:00pm (eastern)*

Cost: $225

- Experience the "Power" and your relationship to it in your spiritual development
- Blend and receive accurate and specific information from Spirit
- Develop trust and confidence in your own abilities
- Participate in exercises and readings within a community of like-minded people
- Deepen your meditation skills in order to receive guidance

Image by Aamir Suhail

CHANNEL Your Intuition and Mediumship (Level 3)

Saturday February 11, 2023 via Zoom
11:00am-8:00pm (eastern)*

Cost: $225

- Understand what channeling is and isn't
- Explore famous channelers in history in order to gain understanding about how your gift of channeling could manifest
- Enhance the connection with your Spirit Guides
- Learn about altered states of consciousness to become the clearest channel possible for Spirit
- Incorporate spiritual inspiration into your life and the lives of others

* If you are unable to attend any or all of the class sessions, these courses are recorded and posted in a private area of Rev. Justin's website for later viewing. 

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