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As I have mentioned in many of my lectures, the spiritual awakening is a continuous process where the old self vanishes to be replaced by one that's more collected, refined, and put together with consistent, conscious improvements. My role as your guide doesn't revolve around crafting ground-breaking concepts but empowering you to see the miracles of life yourself.

My beliefs of the powers that exist beyond our mind's comprehension started when I realized that anyone we ever lose doesn't abandon us. Their thoughts, prayers, and energy stay with you throughout your life; hence you never actually lose anyone. Now I help others understand how they can stare back in the dreadful darkness of loss and transform it into a light that fills their soul and those around them.

You can be one of these lucky individuals who receive the gift of a transformative spiritual awakening that dissolves their current life and rebirths them more vital and more vigorous than ever. Join me on a telephonic session or meet me in person at the United Metaphysical Churches Headquarters. I’d be happy to guide you through the many obstacles and mental hurdles you are experiencing, so we can turn the tides in our favor.

My name is Reverend Justin Terry, and I'm an ordained minister and certified medium with United Metaphysical Churches, with their main headquarters in Roanoke, VA. Originally from Abingdon, VA, my spiritual path has greatly evolved since it began many years ago. Spirit made themselves known to me, and I made it my life's mission to pass the torch on to anyone who needs it.

Rev. Justin Terry

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