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Rev. Justin Terry is the most extraordinary medium I have ever witnessed. I attended his monthly 'All Message Worship Service' at the United Metaphysical Church of the Palm Beaches, and I was stunned by Justin's ability to connect with every single participant's loved ones in the Spirit Realms -- and the evidence is that Justin quite often receives accurate names, can identify the nature of the relationship, and delivers messages that most often make clear sense to the participants. Participants also focus on a specific question they want to have answered -- and Justin does not know what our questions are; he listens to our spirit guides. Well, I brought a big important question to the service, and Justin 'nailed it' -- many of my spirit guides appeared, including 2 people I specifically wanted to hear from -- my father Bob, and my best friend from high school, Joanne -- Justin heard both names correctly! -- and he then honed in directly on the situation I'm dealing with, and gave me useful guidance and information from my loved ones in Spirit.

I have attended services with mediums many times over the past 30 years, from the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain in London, to the mediums of Lily Dale, New York, LA, the festival scene -- and I have never seen anyone receive so many accurate names as Justin does. His gifts are truly divine, and to connect with our loved ones in Spirit in this way is a beautiful, inspiring, affirming, uplifting & healing experience.

Alan, Florida

"I had a reading today with Justin, this was my first reading with a medium and I was skeptic to say the least. Justin wasted no time, a few minutes into the reading, I nothing short of amazed!!
He eased my mind of thoughts and feelings that I had for years with things he could not have known anything about. His accuracy was spot-on and, he even took the time to "guide" me with a few suggestions that I will be doing. I cannot explain it, it was so far above and beyond what I thought the reading would be and I want to say, thank you."

Lisa Florida

"My private intuitive reading with Justin was very good. He brought through clear evidence of survival after death. I have had quite a few in the past few years since beginning my own metaphysical path, so I know the good from the bad. Literally within a couple of minutes, he mentioned his guide was present and talking about a very close friend, a doctor in a white lab coat, was with us in spirit. Justin described his personality exactly, his love of signing his name big and scrolly (as most doctors do!) and his love of boats and the ocean (very true as it partially lead to his death from malignant cancer). Justin soon also asked if I knew of another doctor that seemed more educated, more professor-like and named him. I said no, but before the end of the reading I had to make a phone call because, oddly enough, that name started to sound familiar. I called home and asked my roommate to go grab a card given to me in a seance with names on it of my spirit guides. The name Justin picked up was the same name on that card, which I had never heard of before or after that prior seance in another state. Amazing! Justin was able to clarify the spirit guide's reason for being with me in my life...something that brought me a much wanted answer and a smile! Thank you, Justin!"

Kevin, Ft Lauderdale, FL

"Justin Terry is the real thing! He is a born Clairvoyant who - in his brief lifetime - has become one of the East Coast's most gifted Mediums. He'll knock your socks off when he tells you your grandmother is present, tells you her first name, and delivers detailed information that only you and your grandmother could possibly have shared."

Sallie, Washington DC (Author, Former Chair, International Committee, National Press Club)

"I have gotten quite a few readings from Justin and I cannot recommend him highly enough. I definitely get a reading from Justin when I need to know about things such as work, relationships or anything else I wish to know. Justin has gotten messages from my loved ones that have passed, he has even gotten the names of people I hadn't thought of in years like my neighbor I had growing up. Justin has also mentioned things that no one else would know, would say things from a loved one that I haven't told anyone else! Justin has also told me the names of my spirit guides that I didn't know about nor their names, and a bit later it was confirmed by another psychic/medium during a reading and I was blown away!!!!
Justin is an excellent medium, and considering how young he is I just know he's going to be up there with the big names soon and he too will be a household name. His talents are remarkable and thanks to his readings I was no longer a skeptic, it was a life-changing experience to know there definitely is life after death and wonderful to know we are still connected to our loved ones and the rest of the spirit world!"

Alan, Florida

"I've had a reading with Justin...it was one of those pivotal happen chances in one's life that make you consider who you are and where you're going. Needless to say, you were right on the money."

Heather, VA

"Justin is a great medium and I would suggest anyone wanting a reading to give him a call. He is very sincere, and if he is unsure about something he will let you know. He picked up on alot of private details between me and my Dad, conversations I have had with him since his passing, and Justin confirmed those details with out realizing it. He is truly blessed and gifted more than an other medium I have been in contact with. I look forward to my next reading."

Lillian, Tennessee

"The reading I had from Justin was so rich with details, he was obviously with my people. You just can't make that stuff up! Amazing!"

Linda, WV

"Justin, you are very special. If anyone never experienced a reading, pick Justin-you will go back for more and more and more."

Marian, CT

"Justin, I was blown away by your reading. I wrote a bit on my site. I have been to many Mediums, but I must say, Jason has never come through like he did with you. When you said Jason is here he is with Alana, I lost it....For you to be able to give me the names of so many of his friends and love ones gives me great peace. I look forward to speaking with you Thursday, about the plans for the Healing Art Center....Your gift will help so many grieving people for sure...Blessings."

Yvette, CT

"Justin, thank you so much for the most amazing reading! You lifted a weight off of me that I've been carrying for 5 years and gave me the faith back that I'd lost. Thank You so much!"

Karen, IL

"I have to say THANK YOU! And I hope to hear from you again soon. God Bless you Justin for all the GOOD work you do for others like me."

Beverly, CA

"My experience with Justin was AMAZING. I couldn't believe the names he gave me, that just blew my mind. Thank you so much Justin. I can't wait for another reading with you in the future. God bless you Justin. Thanks again."

Rita, CA

"Thank you for a terrific reading!!! You are wonderful and I would highly recommend you!!! Bless your heart for putting mine at ease!!! =) I am so happy that mom is content!!!"

Patricia, FL

"Justin, we can not thank you enough for the peace you have provided to us and our family. We were able to do some research and found out that the E from our reading was in fact Justin's great grandmother; and Anthony was his great grandfather who passed away soon after he was born. Your gift is a beautiful blessing and I look forward to many future readings with you and have already given out Blake's number for people to make appointments. Please stay safe and I wish you and your loved ones an amazing holiday season! With love and thanks!"

Kathryn, NY

"I just had the most amazing experience of my life! So many things to think about and benefit from! Everything is going to be so wonderful, with lots of hard work! I have to change some things with myself, of course, but I know there is going to be a happy ending, it's going to be positive, it's going to work out! I can get through it and I'm not letting go anytime soon! Thank you Justin Terry!!!!!
I sincerely can not thank you enough for fitting me into your schedule today! What a powerful, emotional, spiritual, clarifying, life-changing experience! You have really brought a sense of peace to me, a sense of relief and comfort. I hope for and encourage everyone to take the time to have a reading with you! It has opened my eyes and helped me cope with my life on a much deeper level. I also have wonderful tools I can take, use and benefit from. You are so wonderful and truly a blessing to have around! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!! I look forward to future sessions:)"

Jennifer, VA

"Thank you Justin!!! For the great reading your did for my mom today. Amazing!!!! Best gift I could of given her!"

Rob, NV

"I just had a reading with Justin. He is a very talented medium. He is very accurate and very clear. He is very good and in addition, he is a wonderful person."

Katarina, Falls Church, VA

"Thank you so much Justin!!! I received a reading at the BMSExpo in Raleigh yesterday and I'm still overwhelmed... also, I feel richly blessed by you sharing your God-given gift!!! I look forward to listening to the meditations on your "Spirit Guide Me" CD!!!

Angela, NC


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